• July 24, 2024

Cars, Trucks and Jeeps Versus BLM…Who Wins? [COMPILATION VIDEO]

BLM has decided that blocking streets and roads is the thing to do.  And they are partially right.  Statistics shows that cars will stop for you 98% of the time, but that other two percent can be a real pain.  The thing is that people don’t realize is that unless it’s obviously intention and sometimes when it is. the punks have no legal recourse either criminally or civilly.

 A rule of law that a person coming to court with a lawsuit or petition for a court order must be free from unfair conduct (have “clean hands” or not have done anything wrong) in regard to the subject matter of his/her claim. His/her activities not involved in the legal action can be abominable because they are considered irrelevant. As an affirmative defense (positive response) a defendant might claim the plaintiff (party suing him/her) has a “lack of clean hands” or “violates the clean hands doctrine” because the plaintiff has misled the defendant or has done something wrong regarding the matter under consideration. Example: A former partner sues on a claim that he was owed money on a consulting contract with the partnership when he left, but the defense states that the plaintiff (party suing) has tried to get customers from the partnership by spreading untrue stories about the remaining partner’s business practices.

Blocking a road or a street is an illegal act, therefore they cannot sue because they are coming to court with unclean hands.

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