• July 24, 2024

Check Your Loose Change Immediately! You Could Be $30,000 Richer If You Have This Quarter…

You are probably familiar with the fact that there are many people out in the world today that like to collect coins; all sorts of coins from all sorts of countries and currencies.

Some people collect these shiny metal pieces because they look nice, and it’s cool to have a variety of coinage from all around the globe. Others collect coins because of their hard value which can build up over time, and some collect them in hope of finding a super rare coin that will help them retire.

There are some coins that exist in our society today that could help you afford a new luxury car, and maybe even help you retire sooner.

What are these coins and where do they come from? Well if you are collecting coins for their high value due to their rarity, you will probably need to look quite far back in history to come up with any type of currency that is worth more than its hard value, unless you have this special quarter from the 70s.

For example, this nickel is worth over $2,000 but you will need to rummage around in some change from the 20’s to get any luck in finding one of these rare buffalo nickels.


This may look like an ordinary quarter to you at first glance, but there is much more that this little piece of metal holds than just 25 cents and a picture of Washington on the front.

This 1970’s quarter was part of a minting error when it was printed on top of a 1941 quarter from Canada.

You can tell it is a special quarter because if you look right above the word dollar, there is in very small print, 1941 imprinted into the coin as well.

If you are wondering how much this is worth, get you books ready to take down the details on this quarter because if you find it, you can sell it on Ebay for as much as $35,000 like some of the other ones that people have found.

Many people might have these type of quarters and have no idea because they are so modern and look so normal! Next time you have quarters in your hand, it can’t hurt to take a quick look and check to see if any of them are from the 70’s and if so, check the back to see if it was a misprint and will save you from paying the internet bill.


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