• July 24, 2024

Chicago Protesters Get Rude Awakening When They Try to Block O’Hare Airport

Chicago protesters were preparing to block all the entrances and the exits to O’Hare Airport, on a busy holiday weekend, like they have done before, when they got the surprise of their unhinged lives. The police were actually on site and determined to stop them in their tracks and they did just that, with a dozen of them being arrested. The protest was being led by  Rev. Gregory Livingston, a vocal Chicago activist and a failed candidate for alderman in 2017. The protest was attempted in an effort to improve education and economic opportunities in the South and West portions of Chicago. Nothing gets people to join your side like preventing them from getting home after a long holiday weekend.

From The Conservative Tribune

Livingston said that the intention of these protests is to force something to be done about the lack of education and economic opportunities on the South and West sides, to end the violence in those neighborhoods.

According to the Chicago Tribune, he also wants Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down.

“We want the people’s demands at the table and for them to be acted upon. That’s going to help reduce the violence,” Livingston told WGN-TV.  “As long as we have a tale of two cities, we’ll have this out-of-control violence.”

At a news conference on Friday, according to “Chicago Tonight,” Maj. David Byrd of the Illinois State Police said: “We’re prepared for all contingencies, so arrest contingencies are in place and we’re prepared for that also. But that’s not our goal.”

Emanuel has already announced that he will not be in candidate in February’s election for mayor. There were over 400 police and state troopers at the airport to stop the protest.

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