Child Rapist Films Attacks So Others Can Watch, Now Sentenced

A child rapist who filmed his horrifying abuse of victims and made videos of it for others to watch was jailed for 10 years today.


Robert McGregor ,36-years old, with residence at Friars Street, in Inverness, was raided by police earlier this year and laptops and other items were seized for analysis. He was caught with a cache of child pornography by police which three of his victims he sexually assaulted identified as minors. More than 2,000 indecent photos and 899 videos were found on McGregor’s computer, many of which were found to contain horrifying extreme material.


Police computer experts found that the files had been accessed by users in America, Germany and in the Czech Republic.

In the disgusting video footage, McGregor was seen raping one distressed boy who pleaded “no” and “don’t” during the horrific ordeal.

Another victim of the thirty-five-year-old predator seen in the footage was just three years old. He also shot film of a three-year-old with his nappy undone as he raped the vulnerable little boy who had no speech.

McGregor also recorded footage of a victim almost being physically sick after he perpetrated a sex act on the boy, whom he subjected to abuse from the age of six.

Robert McGregor also preyed on youngsters he groomed and exploited for 13 years.

A judge told McGregor: “Your sexual offending is of the most serious and appalling nature.”

Based on reports, McGregor had formed relationships with families in order to gain access to children who he then subjected to abuse. McGregor’s youngest victim was “extremely vulnerable”.

McGregor originally bailed on his first court appearance for possessing indecent images of children but further investigation made it possible to identify one of his victims. He appeared again in court facing further charges, including child rape and was refused bail.

The abuser pled guilty on Wednesday to six offences, admitting three charges of raping boys, sexually assaulting a youngster, making indecent photos of children and distributing or showing indecent photos.

His sex assaults on children spanned more than a decade between 2001 and 2014 and all the attacks occurred in the Inverness area. His youngest victim was aged just three. Another boy was subjected to nearly a decade of abuse from the age of six and the third child victim was 12 when McGregor assaulted him.


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