• April 15, 2024

Christian And Islamic Refugees Brawl In German Migrant Centre

Three people needed hospital treatment after a fight between Christian and Muslim migrants at a German asylum centre on Friday.

Around 15 migrants were involved in the brawl at the centre in Bad Fallingbostel, which started when “heavily intoxicated” residents started arguing, Presseportal says. Both sides are believed to be of Iranian origin.

Over 10,000 Iranians sought refuge in the European Union in 2014, according to figures from European statistics agency Eurostat. In the first quarter of this year, a further 2,260 sought refugee status.

It took a total of 12 police officers to calm the situation, although no arrests were made. On migrant required hospital treatment for an injured hand.

Police were also called to another brawl near the town of Siegen this weekend, where they had to break up a fight involving some 30 migrants. Three people were taken to hospital, with police making two arrests.

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