• July 15, 2024

Clinton Foundation Deposits $375,000 Into Khan Law Firm Account

Like I said earlier this week on this subject, wait a few days for the dust to settle on this story and eventually all the facts will come out.  As sure as  the sun comes up every morning in the East, another bit of rubbish in the Clinton/Khan story is revealed. It should be by no surprise to anyone in their right mind,  that money was transferred to the grieving Mr. Khan’s bank account from the Clinton Foundation. How convenient; as some would say.

According to Gotslaves.info :


A hat tip to Powdered Wig contributor, Joe LaVeque for the find, fellow internet bloggers Get Off The BS for publishing the document, and to infamous hacker, Anonymous, who uhhhh, “retrieved” the doc.

As you can see, the image of the  bank letter from Wells Fargo notifying the Kazoo Khan law firm that The Clinton Foundation is depositing $375,000 into its bank account.


I’m not going on record that this document is 100% legit, but I would’t be surprised that it is. The democrats know what they are doing, it is part of their play book.  Chapter number one is: work the emotion of the people, and they did; many people fell for it and started to attack Mr. Trump, but, as time went by, the pendulum swung the other way. Has anyone noticed how quiet it has gotten from the left on this subject? Maybe people are starting to see the facts . What do you think?


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