• October 1, 2022

Clinton Makes Plans to Kill the 2nd Amendment

hill gun grabber

Hillary was on with George “The Shill” Stephanopoulos’ show the other day and she outlined her plans to shut down the 2nd Amendment.

I’m going to continue to speak out for comprehensive background checks, closing the “gun show loophole,” closing the “online loophole,” closing the so-called “Charleston loophole,” reversing the bill that Senator Sanders voted for and I voted against, giving immunity from liability to gun makers and sellers.

California has taught us what universal background checks are really all about.  They use the information to track ammunition sales as they work to require background checks for buying ammunition.  California uses the gun registration list to aid in gun confiscation.

You can’t close the gun show loophole, because there isn’t any.  Gun dealers do background checks before you can pick up your gun, which you have to pick up at their shop.  Their federal firearms license is too valuable to risk by making an illegal sale.  And what about the Charleston Loophole?  There was none.  The gun shop owner complied with the law but the government approved Dylan Roof, despite his criminal history.  (They must have thought he was an illegal alien)

She said she wants to reverse the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).  That act prevents people from suing gun manufacturers who make and sell their products legally.  You can’t sue Louisville Slugger if a man kills his wife with a baseball bat.  If a child drowns in the bath tub can you sue the Atlantic Ocean?  No, but if you make gun manufacturers for people using their products for a purpose they were not designed for, you will eventually run every gun manufacturer out of business.

You can vote for Hillary if you want, but just remember, she is not only going to take your vote, she is also going to take your guns.


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