Comey Flat Out Lied to Give Democrats Cover

During yesterday’s hearings on Capitol Hill, James Comey told a lie.  He knew it was lie but he said it anyway.  He told the committee that Wikileaks never released any emails from the republicans, only the democrats.  Maybe it only seemed that way to him because the republican emails weren’t full of ethics lapses or criminal behavior.  But the fact is they certainly did publish republican emails.


For most part, they consist of campaign activities, fund raisers, and invites or RSVPs to events.

The emails include a wide array of constituent email addresses. Many appear to be responses to mass-emails from concerned party supporters writing in to their delegates. One reply to a Stop Hillary PAC fundraising email targeting Democrats lack of support for the Benghazi commission reads, “Don’t the Republicans have a majority in Congress? Isn’t John Boehner a Republican? What is the problem that you need my $36 to help you fight back.”

Yeah. Good question. If somebody sifts through all that they may find a few choice words from Yours Truly.

The archive appears to be incomplete, with replies to emails that don’t appear to be included on their own. That could mean the emails were deleted before being retrieved, or that the leaker or site decided to scrub certain items from the record.

So it’s not just the Democrats who are susceptible to Russian hackers. Guccifer 2.0 is thought to be a front name for Russian intelligence.


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