• July 23, 2024

Controversial Turkish Book on How to Correctly Beat Your Wife

There are many instructional books in the library that tells you everything from how to operate windows to the best strategy for poker.  Now, there is a new book that every husband should buy.


A great new book instructs men how to correctly beat their disobedient wives, teaches women not to talk during sex and explains that polygamy is good because it creates competition among the wives.  The book is from Turkey and is Sharia compliant. Every time a feminist defends Muslims or Sharia Law, they should be required to read and comment on it.

From Breitbart:

The Turkish city of Kütahya is handing out free copies of a 394-page book titled “Marriage and Family Life” to all newlyweds. The guide to successful, happy marriages includes such instructions as when a husband may legitimately strike his wife. “A woman who does not dress for her husband, who is not obedient to her husband being the head of the household, can be beaten,” it reads.

The guide informs men that beating their wives reminds them who rules the house and is good for them. It tells wives to serve their husbands coffee in a sexy outfit after a beating in order to end the conflict with make-up sex.

The book has come under fire for this and other odd advice to newlyweds, such as counseling wives not to speak during intercourse, since a child born as a result will probably stutter and could even be mute. Similarly, if the wife is not passionate during sex, then their child will be stupid, the book says.

Now, as Americans, we know that our wives are to be loved and honored and not beaten and any woman who stands up for herself rather than being subserviant is a good thing as strong women make great wives.  But Muslims and liberal elites see no problem in returning to the 12th century.


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