• December 11, 2023

Cries Are Heard From Elderly Couple’s Home, Cops Arrive And Take IMMEDIATE Action

A neighbor heard shouts and cries coming from an elderly couple’s apartment in the building. They gave the police a call and the cops came expecting to find a crime scene. But when they knocked on the door and were let in, they realize there wasn’t any crime happening at all. And the truth absolutely broke their hearts.

The four Rome police officers found 84-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband Michele alone in their small city apartment. They were sitting and there was no evidence of any wrongdoing.

The couple was simply watching the news on television. Jole asked her husband why there was so much hate in the world and then she burst into uncontrollable tears – and the neighbor called the police…

The loving couple have spent the last 70 or so years together. And now that they are nearing the end of their lives, they feel desperately lonely.

Although the police came with their guns at the ready to bust up a crime, the old couple were excited to see them. They admitted that it had been years since anyone had come to visit them.

What was initially a suspected crime turned into a welfare check. The police noticed that the kitchen didn’t have much food. The police called an ambulance to check on the elderly couple. While they waited, one of the officers started to cook some pasta for Jole and Michele.

Meanwhile, the three other police officers sat down with the couple and engaged them in conversation.

The incident touched the officers’ hearts and they were glad they could offer some peace in a time of deep suffering in the world. The Roman police shared their encounter as a story on their Facebook page. Her is the translation via Facebook from Italian:


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