• July 23, 2024

Customer Sees Robbery Underway, Teaches Criminal A Painful Lesson [VIDEO]

There is an old saying that goes “crime does not pay.”

We just found an amazing video of a robbery gone bad. The closed circuit security camera at an Oregon Subway restaurant caught an armed robber being thrashed by a good Samaritan who was stopping in for a sandwich. You are not going to believe this clip until you watch it.

The attempted robbery happened at a Portland, Oregon Subway sandwich shop in 2015.

In the clip, we see a man in shorts and a hoodie standing in front of the counter when a second man walks in to place an order. When the second man realizes he has walked in on a robbery, he immediately tries to take the suspect down.

A violent struggle erupts as the two men pummel each other. The fight rolls out of the store and onto the sidewalk out front. The unidentified hero does not subdue the suspect but is able to retrieve the stolen money, which he returns to the cashier behind the counter.

This video has started an interesting conversation between two differing views. On the one hand, there are those who think the man was a hero who did the right thing, and have made such comments as:

“If I would have had my Glock on me during this I would make sure that guy lost a leg”- Daddyhaap

“There still lots of us out there that will do the right thing. That guy is a hero.”- C_dragon

“Free Subway for Life!”- Baller Status

However, there were many other people who think that the actions of the customer were foolhardy at best and potentially extremely dangerous. They also point out that the small amount of money stolen was not worth risking the lives of the people in the restaurant. Some commenters wrote things like:

“I don’t know about the rest of you but if a corporation that poisons people is getting robbed I will be sure to leave my super cape at home.”- Al Wilson

“WTF why punch him? just hold him until the Police arrives at least that is what I would do.”- Black Reaper

“It says a lot about his character, but that is beyond stupid. The cash in that register represents a fraction of a fraction of what the company owns, and they have insurance. It’s not worth risking your life when your life wasn’t in danger to begin with.”- Jaws

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