• July 15, 2024

Dallas BLM Leader Arrested on Ten Outstanding Warrants


Dominique Alexander, the leader of the Dallas BLM and the organizer of the protest that saw five Dallas policemen killed has been arrested for ten outstanding warrants in two counties.  Alexander founded the Next Generation Action Network that organized the BLM protest on July 7th.  He has two more protests scheduled.  Both are downtown and the chief of police has been trying to get Alexander to cancel them in such a vulnerable area of the city.

Alexander has a rather lengthy relationship with law enforcement including arrests for theft, forging a check, evading arrest, and injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.  Alexander is also reputedly responsible for the disturbance at the McKinney pool party in 2015.  In that incident, there was a private pool party within a gated community.  About 100 youths, mostly African Americans crashed the party and when the police came, they refused to disburse.

The Dallas Morning News reported:

One year ago, Alexander and his activist organization weaved themselves into the fabric of the McKinney “pool party.” At one of the press conferences, Alexander addressed particulars of the incident in broad brushstrokes based on a seven minute social media video, debating when pushed for the facts.

Breitbart spoke to Alexander at the time about his involvement:

“Weaved through the community’s commitment to solidarity, was the pervasive punting of the facts. Things like when pushed for a response if the kids were rightfully at the pool, Alexander deflected and said, ‘in order to be able to answer that question, I would have had to have been at that party.’ ‘And just like city officials we’re going to wait for all of those facts to come out…’”

Alexander is still in jail pending bail.

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