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Deadspin Editor Regrets Challenge to Cruz Supporters a Fight in UFC Octagon

Liberals are well know for their crocodile mouths and their butterfly asses.  The editor of the fake news site, Deadspin is no different.   Tim Marchman issued a challenge to all Ted Cruz supporters to meet him in the UFC Octagon.



Tim Kennedy is one of two who have agreed to Marchman’s challenge.




Unfortunately for Marchman, two soldiers have accepted his challenge.  The first is Tim Kennedy.

Deadspin editor challenged Ted Cruz supporters to a fight, and got answered by two U.S. soldiers

Tim Kennedy punches Roger Gracie during their UFC 162 mixed martial arts middleweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, July 6, 2013, in Las Vegas. Kennedy won the fight by an unanimous decision after three rounds. (AP Photo/David Becker)


The other one is J.R. Salzman, a veteran of the Iraq War, a lumberjack champion, and a freelance writer.


From The Blaze:

Last night, Deadspin thought they would rag on Texas Senator Ted Cruz for putting together a basketball game in order to heal the tensions arisen due to the 2016 elections between he and his colleagues. Deadspin put out a call for any photos of Cruz playing “baskethoops,” insulting Cruz as they went.

Cruz is the one who answered them, posting a photo of his doppelgänger Duke basketball player Grayson Allen. Deadspin was none too pleased with Cruz getting them better of them, and threw a profanity at Cruz, who once again answered back jocularly, and further making Deadspin look foolish.

Deadspin editor Tim Marchman in particular was had a slight meltdown with this turn of events, and took to Twitter to vent his tough guy frustrations in the form of challenging Cruz supporters to a fight, calling them “cuck/Twitter users.”

Not surprisingly, Marchman has not answered either challenge.

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