• March 1, 2024

Democrat Evan Bayh Commits Fraud in Attempt to Win Senate Seat



One of the main qualifications for running for the Senate is that you live in the state you are running in.  Evan Bayh is running for the Senate in Indiana but hasn’t lived there since 2011.  When he goes to Indiana to campaign, he drags himself away from his 2.3 million dollar mansion in Washington but doesn’t stay in the $53,000 condo he owns and claims as his residence.  He stays in luxury hotels he pays for with campaign funds.  A reporter asked Bayh how often he stays in his condo.  Bayh answered lots of times.  His schedule was leaked to the press.  He has never stayed there.

From CNN:

A CNN review of public records since Bayh left office in 2011 shows the Democrat repeatedly listed his two multi-million dollar homes in Washington as his main places of residence — not the $53,000 condo he owns in Indianapolis.
Just three weeks after leaving office in 2011, Bayh changed his address to his $2.3 million home in a leafy neighborhood in Washington, according to Indiana records. And often when Bayh registered his address — whether it was on an Alaska fishing license, a donation to Hillary Clinton or on the deed to his beachfront property in Southern Florida — he listed Washington as his home.
Even when Bayh returned back to Indianapolis last summer for an Indiana Democratic Party dinner, he stayed at a JW Marriott just 12 miles away from his condo. A source with Indianapolis Power and Light said Bayh’s monthly electric bills averaged less than $20 per month since 2012, suggesting little — if any — use at his Indiana condo.
And when he hit the speaking circuit after his post-senatorial life, his firm noted that he travels “from D.C.”
The revelations could add fodder to the GOP argument that the Democrats’ star recruit of the 2016 Senate class abandoned his home state to enjoy the luxuries of Washington. That’s reminiscent of how veteran Republican Sen. Dick Lugar was ousted in 2012 after he was lashed for living in the Washington suburbs rather than owning a home in Indiana.
“The only time he ever shows up in Indiana is when he wants something from us,” said Trevor Foughty, campaign manager for Bayh’s GOP rival, Rep. Todd Young. “And he’s so unbelievably arrogant, he actually thinks Hoosiers don’t notice.”
Now, here’s the question.  Why is Bayh leaving a job where he is making 3.7 million to take a Senate post for $174,000?  Could it be that McGuire Woods is one of the 15 largest lobbyist firms in the country?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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