• July 23, 2024

Democrat Presidential Candidate Predicts Earth Will Be Unlivable Within 10 Years

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke recently said that human civilization has only “ten years” left to address climate change.

Despite having lost two top campaign advisors just recently, O’Rourke has been stressing that his main candidacy proposal is a climate change initiative that plans to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The major policy proposal would cost $5 trillion dollars.

O’Rourke described his proposal in detail claiming “we cannot afford to alienate a significant part of this country and we cannot do this by half measure or by only half of us. It can’t be Democrats versus Republicans, big cities versus small towns, we all have a shared interest in a cleaner future for this country. So I’m going to work with, listen to everyone anytime, anywhere to make sure that we advance this agenda and get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

The former Texas congressman promoted his proposal to MSNBC host Chris Hayes who asked about a possible conflict of interest with prior support from the oil and gas industry.

O’Rourke responded by saying “I want to make sure those who work in the oil and gas industry, those who work in the fossil fuel industry are brought along as partners.”

Nonetheless, O’Rourke still maintained that “we know that certain oil and gas corporations have been fighting public policy on this issue, have been hiding their own science and research at the expense of our climate and human life.” O’Rourke further mentioned that “whenever those two things come in contrast or in opposition, I’m always going to choose the people of this country.”

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Google

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