• June 21, 2024

Democratic Faith Council Member: White Christian Males Should Apologize For Terrorism, Not Islamics

PHILADELPHIA — A member of the Faith Council speaking at a Democratic National Convention event Wednesday said that he is tired of Muslims having to apologize for terrorism. Instead, he thinks white Christian males should be the ones saying sorry.

“I’m tired of my Muslim friends having to be the ones having to stand up and say ‘hey we are not terrorists. It doesn’t have anything to do with our religion,’” Rev. Ron Stief, executive director, of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, said. He was on a four-person panel speaking to a room with more than a 100 attendees.

“If anybody should be saying that, that should be me a white Christian man,” Stief added. The Daily Caller asked Stief after the event concluded to elaborate on his comments.

“If you look at the hate crimes that are being committed in this country and all the violence that is being done against Muslim people, Sikhs, folks of south Asian descent it is clearly white male Christians that are doing this kind of violence,” Stief said.

He added, “If anybody needs to be apologizing for violence in this country it does need to be American white Christians.”

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