Dems Are Trying To Get Rid Of The Filibuster…Just ONE SMALL PROBLEM With That!

Man, if there is one thing that Democrats love to do, it is to tell people that they aren’t allowed to do something that they have done a million times themselves.

Take for instance the whole filibuster thing. They try to act like it is some hateful invention of the Republicans that should be done away with, but it’s something they have used quite liberally themselves?

Don’t believe me? Look at their playbook. They have talked and talked until people just gave up because they didn’t want to hear them talking anymore so many times it would make your head spin.

According to the Democrats, anyone who uses the filibuster is a racist, If that is true then Democrats in the Senate. Last year alone the Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times. The KKK did not block anything. That must mean that the Democrats are much worse than KKK. I’m just kidding.

The reason that Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times is their ideology, not their racism.

Now, the Democrats want to kill the filibuster so that they will have a dictatorship in order to control the masses. The Democrats claim that slave owners were the people responsible for the filibuster.

But, that s a lie. The filibuster was put in place in 1806, 55 years before the civil war. Slavery was the law of the land them. There was no need to put the filibuster in place due to slavery.

The filibuster is the only thing standing in the way for the Democrats to have total control of the government. That should scare you and it is a dangerous thing for them. What happens when the Republicans take control with no filibuster?  They could make crossing our border a felony and anyone who aids them could be tried for aiding and abetting the illegal aliens. They could cut all funding for Planned Parenthood and other budget items.

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