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Did Guccifer Hack Hillary’s Emails? He Gave an Interview Where He Admitted He Had


The timing in the extradition of Guccifer is very suspicious.  Actually, the extradition of any hacker at any time is suspicious.  The US has always allowed the home country to prosecute and jail the offending hacker.  Indeed, they did in the case of Guccifer, whose real name is  Marcel Lehel Lazar, was serving a seven year sentence at the time of his extradition.   It was Lazar who spilled the beans on Hillary’s private email server when he hacked the account of Sidney Blumenthal.   Now, he has been brought to the United States, just as the investigation into Clinton is winding down.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to Hillary Clinton asking her about the possible hacking of her computer.  He wrote:

“Has the Department of Justice or any other government agency informed you that you were a victim of hacking, other unlawful computer access, or any other crime, whether attempted or realized, by Mr. Lazar or any other person or entity?”

“It is unclear from court documents and press reports whether Mr. Lazar ever attempted to hack your account or if he only had indirect access to your email via Mr. Blumenthal’s account.”

“In an interview, Mr. Lazar purportedly claimed he ‘had memos Hillary Clinton got as a State Secretary, with CIA briefings [that] were being read by her [and] two other people from the U.S. Government. I used to read her memos for six-seven hours and then I’d get up and do the gardening in the yard.’”

Clinton has said that her server had never been hacked and she points to the fact that FBI investigators determined that it had not.  However, there is a hole in that claim.  The search that they did would have turned up any sophisticated hack or hack attempt.  But Guccifer didn’t operate that way.  He would guess at the password and the answers to any security questions.  That would never show up because it would appear as a normal login.

There is no evidence to prove that the following is true, but a British ambassador said he was told about a Chinese curse, which in English translates into, “May you live in interesting times.”  The times are indeed getting interesting.


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