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Did Obama Load Russian Malware on Vermont Computer?

I was watching the Alabama game when a light bulb came on.  Was the Obama administration trying to frame the Russians to make their other story about the Russians hacking the campaign seem more plausible?  Now, I freely admit this is only a theory and I am not trying to pass it off as fact but let’s see how this played out.



I’ll be using the CNN version because the WaPo is fake news.

A Vermont electric company said Friday it had found on a company laptop the same kind of malicious software that US authorities believe was used by Russian hackers in an attempt to influence November’s election.

Burlington Electric said it found the code after utility companies nationwide were sent an alert by the Department of Homeland Security.

OK  Burlington Electric had no idea about an intrusion until they were notified by the DHS.  They did find the malware on a laptop computer and it is no threat because….:

The company, which serves 19,600 customers in Vermont, said the malware was on a laptop that is not connected to the organization’s power grid systems.

I know DHS monitors the electric companies and the grids.  But how did they know a computer not hooked up to the system was hacked?  Just because it has Russian code means nothing because any hacker can duplicate it.

Unless DHS loaded it themselves by mistake.  That way they could say, “See, we told you Russia was hacking us and helped Donald Trump win.”  I’m still not ready to call my theory fact, but I am wondering how else this could have happened.

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