Discover what are the things we still need to call our parents for [Video]



Let’s be honest, even though you’re an adult you still have this bottled up need to seek your mom or dad’s advice or spill the beans on your grown-up siblings. It’s not that difficult to understand. Your parents have been your shield even when you needed to put as much distance between you and them as a teen or young adult. Check out the list of possible reasons you call and then watch the video and see if you can spot yourself.

Leave your own ideas and suggestions then share it to see what your friends or family members come up with!

I call Mom or Dad because:

  • Boyfriend or girlfriend kicked me to the curb…do you have room?
  • Money management problems… can you help me with my money management problems?
  • Job problems giving me the blues…should I quit or stay?
  • Rent due….will you pay it again?
  • Baby won’t go to sleep…what did you do to put me/us to sleep?
  • Confused about planning a dinner for that special someone…what should I make?
  • Feeling lonely in the middle of the night…are you awake?
  • How to fix a leaky faucet, or other home and apartment related problems?
  • My significant other wants to be serious what should I do?
  • Should I tell him I’m pregnant?
  • Should we buy a house….will you lend us the down payment?
  • My significant other is a bad cook, should I say something?
  • I can’t sleep when my partner snores, what should I do?
  • How should I dress to meet his/her parents?
  • We had our first argument, tell me I, right, right?
  • He/she won’t listen, what should I do?
  • Now add your own to the list!!

You get the message.  Your parents are your backstop for all of the emotional feelings and possible life challenges you continue to go through.  You call them because you need them to wipe away the mental tears that invade your moments of insecurity.  That’s alright, so give them a call and let doctor mom and doctor dad give you the medicine of love and watch the video.

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