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Doctors Couldn’t Believe What They Found When They Cut Her Open

A woman was suffering from abdominal pains and reflux.  She finally went to the doctor to find out what was wrong.  Little did she or the doctors know what was in store for them.  She had waited months before going to the doctor.  Mousumi Dam, 49, underwent tests that showed she had gallstones.  But instead of a couple like they normally find, they found an incredible 360 gallstones.


 “I’ve worked as a doctor for nearly 37 years but I’ve never seen so many stones packed in a gallbladder,” said Dr. Makhan Lal Sasha, 59, who is a professor of surgery at the hospital. “This is the first time in the medical history of West Bengal that anyone has had a surgery to remove 360 stones.

 Dam’s case was so severe that Dr. Sasha said he had to remove the gallbladder itself.

 “The stones were 5mm in size and it took me 50 minutes to take out every stone,” he said. “In fact, my hands were numb by the time I removed the last stone. Surprisingly all the stones had [the] same size and shape.”

 Sasha is working with his team of doctors to determine the cause of Dam’s bizarre case of gallstones.

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