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Domestic Terrorists BLM Clash With Police…Six Arrested

Six BLM domestic terrorists were arrested at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Saturday night.  The BLM protesters teamed up with a local group, Charlotte Uprising in protesting Trump’s Executive Order banning some Muslims from entering the United States.


Evidently BLM is either in it for the money or have no sense of black history.  (That’s because their white masters don’t tell them about that)  Martin Luther King was not just against illegal immigration, he was against legal immigration as well.  That is until all the blacks who wanted jobs could have one.  Considering how black unemployment for youths is you would think about MLK.  Not to mention the Obamacare advantage.  An employer saves 3 to 5k a year because illegals, dreamers, et al are not eligible for Obamacare.

“Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” said the Rev. Jay McKinnon, a primary organizer of the protest, “He’s doing what he said he would do. It’s a resistance to that – to his policies – to him thinking that this is okay in our name.”

The protest took a sharp turn shortly before 10 p.m. when members of Charlotte Uprising and Black Lives Matter began hurling expletives at CMPD officers and calling for justice for last year’s police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

Police and protesters engaged in a brief skirmish. Six people were arrested. According to CMPD, they were Dhruv Pathak, 23; Samantha Valdez, 24; Eleanor Everette, 16; Michael Johnson, 24; Gloria Merriweather, 24; and James Marsicano, 23.

All were arrested for “Resist, Obstruct and Delay and Trespass” police said in a statement.

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