Donna Brazile TRIGGERED — Plays Victim Card, Lashes Out at Tammy Bruce After AMAZING Night 1 of RNC (VIDEO)

This is how you KNOW night one of the Republican National Convention was a GREAT SUCCESS!


Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile absolutely lost it this morning on FOX and Friends during her interview with conservative talker Tammy Bruce.

After Tammy Bruce described the clear difference in the two parties in America — DNC Convention focus on American sins versus RNC focus on hope, gratitude, and growth — Donna Brazile LOST IT!

Brazile went straight to “400 years of slavery” after Tammy spoke of the Democrat Party’s refusal to condemn the young Democrats rioting and looting in the streets.

Brazile then went on to say Joe Biden was speaking to everyday Americans during the DNC convention. When?

Brazile lost it.

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