• July 13, 2024

“Don’t shoot us” cries out the crowd as they confront police officers arriving to……

Tensions are mounting in St.Louis county as people mourn the loss of a young teenager. The details on this story are still developing and it is still somewhat unclear as to the events that led to this situation. Below you will find links to Social media and local news. This is ramping up to be the story dominating the National News this week. As a side not I would like to say that in the news report it was mentioned that the Police declined to give the Officers name and Race. Since when is race a fact that is considered need to know? I think it was racist to ask. What are your thoughts?


Anger, confrontation after fatal shooting of teen by Ferguson police officer

Police: Ferguson teen struggled over officer’s gun before being shot to death

Editorial: Michael Brown and the disparity of due process



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