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Driver Blocks Woman’s Driveway, THEN She Exacts Fitting Revenge [VIDEO]

A woman came home to find that her private two car driveway had an unknown car parked in it that blocked both parking spaces.


In the past she had parked away from her home, but this time decided to do something about it.

The woman, Hannah Crocker, stated:

“I’d nipped out on Saturday morning and when I came back I was fuming to find my driveway blocked by an unknown car.”

“Not only that, he had parked over two spaces, leaving nowhere for me to park.  Usually I would just park further up the road, but I was so annoyed as this kept happening — neither me nor my housemates had any idea who it was, so I decided to block the driver in.”

While I’d been out, one of my housemates called me and said the driver had come back – there was no way for him to get out, so he was just sitting in his car.  But as time went on, he started to get more and more angry. By the time we got back, another friend had joined him and they were bouncing the car up and down, trying to push it into the road. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — luckily my housemate filmed the whole thing too.”

“When I approached them, the two men started shouting at me, asking why I’d blocked them in.  I asked why they’d parked on my driveway, and their response was ‘there’s nowhere else to park.’ I couldn’t believe the cheek of them! They didn’t even apologize for repeatedly using our driveway.”

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