• June 17, 2024

Drug Addicted Woman And Boy Living In Storage Unit. Bail Set at $58,000

The drug epidemic in our country, if not the world is out of control, and I believe America is the epicenter of the trade. One can only wonder where this woman fell out of reality, found her way into a sweltering storage unit with a young boy not even related in any way. Drugs can do that to the weak, and now the price has to be paid by rest of society, by way of the care and treatment for this individual.

According to The Statesman:

Someone called 911 around 10 a.m. Thursday about a person sleeping in a storage unit with an assault rifle, the affidavit said. The apartment management had to unlock the storage unit. When they opened the door, police found a woman and a young boy inside, lying on the floor. Inside the unit was an assault rifle, meth, multiple dirty syringes, a knife and marijuana, the affidavit said.

The woman’s  name is Carissa Chancey, and bail has been set at $58,000.Where is she going to come up with the amount listed? She will now be living in jail at the expense of the tax payer. I am not suggesting sending her to the guillotine, but I am suggesting harsher penalties, such as work crews in the city or county where they are being held. Now when you add the cost of education to help with her rehabilitation, it’s easy to see the costs of incarceration adding up. In my opinion I think the penalties should be harsher. No air conditioning, no television, no weight rooms, the bare minimum, just books. Criminals have no fear, it is  like a vacation. It should be tougher. What do you think?

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