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Entrepreneur Starts With Nothing and Becomes Homeowner and a Landlord at Age 14

14-year-old Willow Tufano is a teen but far from an ordinary one.  She began searching the internet for people who were giving things away.  She would pick them up and then turn around and sell them on Craigslist.  Her parents didn’t see the sense in that and her father urged her to get a real job, but she persisted.  Before long, she had saved up $6,000 and used that money to buy an empty house for $12,000 after haggling the price down from $16,000.  With help from her parents and Ellen DeGeneres she refurbished the house and rented it out for $700 a month.


That means within two years she could own the house free and clear with a sizable monthly income.  Sure beats operating a paper route like her father had suggested.  But she’s not done yet.  She wants to continue to buy property to rent out.

I mentioned that she received help from Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen had invited Willow onto her show to discuss her work and how she bought the house and rented it out.  Ellen presented Willow with a $10,000 gift certificate from Ace Hardware in order to help defray the costs of refurbishing the home.

This story proves that even a young teen girl with drive and ambition can achieve goals that even her own parents didn’t believe she could.  And unless I miss my guess they have never been happier to be dead wrong in their entire life.

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