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As [EXPLICIT] photos of nude celebrities are leaked, there is a lesson to be learned…

Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and a whole host of famous women (full list here) have fallen victim to a hacker who is releasing their private, nude photos.


I can tell you, having a background in IT (information technology), nothing that’s ever uploaded to the Internet is secure. That has been proven time again but for some reason, people never learn.

Usually, we hear about these things when an ex-lover is wanting to shame the person who broke things off, regardless if whether or not they were dumped for a legitimate reason.

This time, however, a massive list of celebrity actresses have been targeted. Numerous photos which were intended to remain private, by being uploaded to iCloud, have been leaked to various online sources and uploaded to Imgur and posted on Reddit, as well as being uploaded to Dropbox  and MEGA.


The pics first appeared on 4Chan on Sunday, and were supposedly stolen during a massive iCloud breach, although Apple has not yet commented on the matter.

In case you’re wondering why the photos aren’t posted below, it’s because reps for Jennifer Lawrence are already threatening anyone who publishes them with legal action (but some people on Reddit don’t seem to care, and are still posting). If nothing else, this would seem to indicate the photos, at least in Lawrence’s case, are in fact real.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead also confirmed that her photos are real, and claims to have contacted the authorities regarding the matter. I’m sure the police are currently hard at work combing through the photos for clues.



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