• July 23, 2024

FBI Has Issued Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas in the Case Against Bernie Sanders’ Wife

The investigation into Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders has gotten serious.  It now involves investigators in several states, interrogations of dozens of witnesses and grand jury subpoenas.  For those of you who are not aware of it, Sanders’ wife is being investigated for fraud.  She falsified the loan paperwork to inflate the amount of money the college she was president of in order to get a loan the college couldn’t afford to pay back.  She resigned and the college gave her 200k as a severance package.  The school was forced to fold less than a year later and they declared bankruptcy.

Jane Sanders was the president of Burlington College and she decided she wanted to expand the campus by buying land to make room.  Unfortunately, the college didn’t have enough income to get a bank loan on it’s merits.  She then committed fraud by inflating the numbers.  The FBI has already found cases where she inflated contributions the college was waiting to collect.  They have now impaneled a grand jury for the purpose of subpoenaing documents in the case.  They are also investigating Sanders’ collusion with the bank.  The money came from the bank but is guaranteed by the state.

O’Meara Sanders and her husband’s Senate staff have largely ignored questions from the press about her tenure at Burlington College, which began in 2004 and ended with her ouster in 2011. But in an unusual statement issued Monday through the digital services firm Revolution Messaging, former Sanders presidential campaign manager Jeff Weaver noted that Republican operatives were behind the request for an investigation.

“Jane has not been contacted by the FBI or any other authority and only knows as much as news reports indicate,” Weaver said in the statement, which noted that he was “speaking for the Sanders family.”

Weaver failed to inform those reading his comments that once the FBI starts questioning Sanders, she is a suspect and no longer has to cooperate and neither would anyone who is involved with her fraud.

The crux of Toensing’s 2016 complaint was that, in order to secure the $6.5 million loan, O’Meara Sanders “successfully and intentionally engaged in a fraudulent scheme to actively conceal and misrepresent material facts from a federal financial institution.” Though O’Meara Sanders certified that Burlington College had locked down $2.6 million in future gifts and grants, the school realized only $676,000 of that over the next four years, according to audits.

As Seven Days reported in June 2015, O’Meara Sanders wrote in her 2010 VEHBFA loan application that “one gift of $1-million has been committed and another $1-million has been verbally pledged.” In August 2014, Plunkett told WCAX-TV that she had learned after taking the reins at Burlington College that the $1 million gift was actually a bequest — and therefore not immediately available.

“The understanding at the time was that it was a cash gift, and we proceeded until we understood it was a bequest,” Plunkett told the station.

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