• July 24, 2024

Female BLM Protester Faces 2 Years for Hitting Police Horse


A BLM protester was arrested after she hit a police horse last week during a protest in Texas.  Shere Dore, 40, has been officially charged with interference with a police service animal.  If convicted, she would have to face 2 years in prison.  She would have to serve at least 6 months and could be fined up to $10,000.  Dore is a familiar face at BLM protests.

A complaint filed by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office obtained by Breitbart Texas states that Dore recklessly struck a police horse in a manner likely to injure the animal with her hand. At the time, a mounted police officer on a police service horse named “Astro” were attempting to move Dore and other protesters out of the street where they were allegedly blocking traffic and back onto the sidewalk.

The Houston Chronicle reported the protesters were in the street and not on the sidewalk, a violation of city municipal code. Dore and other protesters were reportedly warned to get back on the sidewalk before the mounted patrol officers began using the horses to move the protesters back. The Houston newspaper reported that Prosecutor Ellis told the judge, “defendant Dore struck the police horse in the shoulder with a closed fist.”

Dore’s liar for hire made a ridiculous statement:

“These cases were filed to try and intimidate protesters against Donald Trump,” Dore’s defense attorney, Brian Harrison responded, according to KHOU. “And we are going to fight these charges that are aimed at discouraging people from exercising their First Amendment rights.”

First of all, the law against hitting police horses have been on the books for many years and it’s not freedom of speech to assault a horse.  Just ask PETA.  To assert otherwise is to insult one’s intelligence.  Maybe the lawyer didn’t realize that conservatives as well as liberals would hear his words.

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