• December 6, 2023

First San Bernardino Shooting Victim Speaks: Telling Her Story From The Inside

Let’s hope that none of us ever has to experience the horror that these people experienced, on a day  they were expecting to celebrate the Christmas holiday season with friends and co-workers. The First account, from one of the victims, describes in graphic detail what happened from the inside of the terror attack. She laments, that sharing her experiences helped her get through the ordeal. Here’s hoping it will inspire other Americans to take action, be vigilant, in preventing it from ever happening again.


Editor’s note: The following is an eyewitness, first-hand report from a wounded survivor inside the San Bernardino Christmas party attacked last week. The seriously injured victim was hit by three rounds – one in her lower back near her spine, another in her right side below her ribs and a third that went through her right arm. She had surgery Friday to remove the round from her lower back and her right side. Doctors told her if the bullet in her back was one inch in another direction she would be paralyzed. She has chosen to remain anonymous and wrote out her statement exclusively for WND in response to questions from Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – I was not planning on attending the party. My co-worker talked me into going. We were in the front of the room talking about my newest grandson, when, all of a sudden, another co-worker screamed. Then bullets started flying, I felt a sting in my back and fell to the ground.

It seemed like the shots lasted forever but it might have just been me. Then the bullets just stopped. There was a click, click, then they started again. I did not see who was doing the shooting. I was too afraid to look up. I thought I should just lay there like I was dead.

I did not know if the gunmen were going to walk through and kill anybody moving, so that’s what I did, my face turned to the wall, my eyes closed, praying that they would leave. I never did look up until the police entered the room. They were telling us that they were here to help, but I still did not look up – not until the medics came into the room.

I was rushed to the hospital with three bullets in me. My husband arrived at the hospital shortly after I did and had a hard time getting in to be with me. They told him that he couldn’t come in. He tried to push through, and they threw him to the ground. It took over an hour for them to release him from the handcuffs, which is a bunch of crap if you ask me. That’s my husband of 41 years. Who are they to treat him like that? But, I guess now that I think about it, they were trying to protect us. Although they handled it the wrong way, they did their jobs.

I will be able to go home next week, although we will not be going to our home in San Bernardino.

I did not know Syed Farook very well. We worked in different departments. Once I was told it was him and his wife that did this, I couldn’t believe it. They have a new baby. He was very polite. Every time you walked by him he said hello. It is hard to believe that he did all of this. When the shooting was going on Farook never said a word and neither did his wife. It seemed like they had a mission that needed no words.

I have been questioned by the FBI, San Bernardino Police and even the DA. The reporters were pretty bad. (She explained further that they hounded visitors, including her husband and another relative, who were forced to move the victim to another room.)

I am not watching the news. I lived it. I do not want to see what others are calling this. I’ll tell you what it is – sick, sad and very scary. It’s sad what is happening to the world today, people can’t even go to their work place.

Mr. Farah, I understand what you do. I understand that people need to hear the truth, and if it’s coming from a man like you, then I am good with sharing my story. I am sorry that I cannot be of more help to you. I had just come back to work two weeks prior to this incident, so I do not know if something else had been going on with Farook in my absence. I hope this helps you. If you use any of it or not please know that getting it out helped me.

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