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Fishermen Fight Off Great White Shark With Only a Broom [VIDEO]

The Salty Dog fishing charter from Port Fairy, Victoria, had just cast their lines out just kilometers from the shoreline, when they received an unwelcome visitor.  It was a large Great White shark and it began circling their small craft.  The crew was left with little in the way of defense and ended up trying to fight it off with a small garden broom.  It’s kind of like trying to hold back a flood with a Dixie cup.


 Videoing their close encounter with the ‘massive’ animal, the group have since taken to their popular Facebook page to share the chilling footage.
Daniel Hoey, the boss of the fishing business, said although he’s encountered sharks before he didn’t expect to come across one in that particular part of the ocean

‘I was a little bit surprised when we did see it,’ Mr Hoey told the Herald Sun.
‘We were out there searching for yellowtail kingfish, and to do some research work to put some satellite tags in them, and this shark turned up and hung around.’

For many people being attacked by the shark would’ve been their main concern.
But for Mr Hoey and his crew, the biggest worry was being left stranded in the middle of the ocean if the shark damaged his boat.
‘It’s just an easy piece of equipment to push them away from the motor so they don’t bite it,’ he said.

The scary video has been viewed more than 7,500 times since being posted online.
It’s not the first run-in the Salty Dog charter have had with a shark, with the group also making headlines late last year.
In that incident Mr Hoey again used his trusty red broom to push the shark – this time a Great White – away from his boat, with the video watched almost 200,000 times.

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