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Flashback: Billionaire Democratic Donor, Kills Five Without Consequence

With all the hoopla with democrats calling for resignations and impeachment of the US president, let me remind you what happens when it’s a liberal in the cross hairs.  First, let me say Jeff Sessions did nothing wrong and he won’t resign.  Donald has done nothing wrong and will not be impeached.  Statements to the otherwise is just noise to both pacify and rile up their base.


Now, let me tell you a little story about a man by the name of Hansjorg Wyss.  Hansjorg Wyss  is the  former CEO of Synthes, Inc., who gave subsidiary Norian Corporation orders to insert a new possibly dangerous but entirely profitable spinal drug into patients without telling them and without approval from the FDA.  The drug killed five people.

Wyss had given direct orders to four executives who would have been fired for refusing.  Eric Holder sent all four executives to prison.  So, what did he do with Wyss?  Not a thing.  He gave the order that killed five people and he walks free.  How could that possibly happen?  Follow the money.


At the time of the indictment, Wyss was a big time democratic donor.  He also gave 5 million to George Soros funded Center for American Progress.  He also contributed another 5 million to the Clinton Foundation.  Wyss also has a private foundation, which has assets of 2.1 billion dollars.

From The Daily Headlines:

David Bossie, president of Citizen’s United has sued to get documents associated with the case in an attempt to find out why Wyss was allowed to go his merry way:

“For years, we’ve seen partisan politics infiltrate the Obama Department of Justice.  Hansjorg Wyss is a major supporter of liberal causes, including a $5 million contributor to the Clinton Foundation.”

“With these FOIA requests, Citizens United is seeking to determine if politics played any role in the Department of Justice’s decision not to seek charges against Mr. Wyss in their case involving a Wyss-led company that illegally experimented on patients who died.”

The five deaths are especially egregious considering that during animal testing, the drug was responsible for killing pigs who were being used as experimental labs for the spinal drug.

Why is it that every time we look for corruption a whole lot of liberals appear?

I guess it matters whose ox is gored.


H/T The Daily Caller


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