• July 15, 2024

Food Delivery Woman Shot And Killed By 4 Teens In Waterbury, Conn.

Another story about  “Hope and Change” in the Black Community. It seems every day brazen acts of crime happen with no remorse or thought of ramifications. To take someones life for a few dollars is hard for me to understand. Where is the disconnect ? How has it reached such a level? Four young people are now added to an already over populated jail.


According to Fox61:

On Wednesday, four people were arrested in connection with the shooting, all teenagers.19-year-old Anthony Wright of New York, with a long wrap sheet,  and  another male plus two females are all facing murder charges. The other three are juveniles and therefore not being publicly identified.Wright, who is being held on $2.5 million bond, is a member of the Crips street gang and has a rap sheet that includes robbery in the first degree, according to officials. He also has a pending probation violation, and prosecutors argued that he should be considered a flight risk during a Wednesday court appearance.

I for one honestly believe the Death penalty should be reinstated nationwide. I believe the perpetrator will think twice knowing he can and will die if he or she kills anyone in cold blood. To have listened to lawyers and psychologists have gotten us know where in the fighting of crime except for greater expense to the taxpayer. Do you feel the death penalty will help limit crimes as this? What do you say?

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