• October 6, 2022

Former Busiest Border Crossing Now Deserted…Guess Why


The oldtimers living in Tijuana Mexico can remember when large crowds would gather at a soccer field that bordered the United States.  It was so busy there that  Jose Arias Martinez can remember enterprising Mexicans set up booths that sold food, shoes and even tequila.  But those days are long gone.  No longer do huge crowds gather, waiting for their chance to dart across the border into the United States.  What happened, you ask?  The United States built a wall.  A ten foot wall.  The kind the liberals and the Mexican government calls failures.  Maybe a failure for open borders.  Trump is the only candidate who says he will build a wall.


But some see this as a major problem.  Let’s take the San Diego Union-Tribune for an example.  Here are some of their talking points:

But the border is not a soundbite, and the complete story is far more complicated. The wall has had dire consequences elsewhere. Only dire if you want to become an illegal alien or if you are already a liberal)

It’s pushed migrants east, into the treacherous desert and mountains. By some estimates, more than 5,000 people have died trying to cross there, a doubling of the fatality rate. (Sorry, but my violin is broken.  If they didn’t try to break the law, 5,000 lives could have been saved.  I’ll bet the Union-Tribune never thought of that)

It’s separated families who might have stayed together across a more porous border, turned what some characterized as a temporary, circulating labor supply in the U.S. into a more fixed population of underground residents.  (We inconvenienced criminals?  How could we do such a thing?)

And it’s used tax dollars that might have gone to other things — health care, transportation, schools.  (How about using the more than 500 million we send to Planned Parenthood every year?)

So whether you think what happened in this one small slice of the border is beneficial probably depends a lot on how you digest the complex, swirling, super-hot stew that is American immigration policy and practice.  (See how the liberal mind works?)

It reminds me of the time my father and I decided to have some fun with a liberal professor from a local university.  We had him come to our farm to help us with a problem.  The first thing he said when he arrived is that we didn’t prune the tree out front correctly and he would be surprised if we got a half a bushel of apples from it.

We then laid out our problem.  We had a team of horses that we would plow the fields with.  If we put the correct horse on the right side, they would plow a straight furrow, but if we didn’t, they would pull away from each other and snap the harness.  At that point, we left him alone to work on the problem.  Five and half hours later, he announced that he had solved our problem.

He said that after much contemplation, he realized that it would not be possible for both horses to be exactly the same height, so he measured them and sure enough, the black one was 4 inches taller than the white one.

He was right about the tree though.  We didn’t pick a single apple from that tree.  We did manage to pick five and a half bushels of peaches though.

Build the damn wall all across the border, Union-Tribune!!!

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