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Four Thugs Jump Pizza Delivery Driver..Real Bad Mistake

Usually when four thugs set out to mug a pizza delivery driver, the odds are heavily in their favor.  Even when the drivers have gone home and the owner makes the delivery himself, the odds are heavily in their favor.  But then again a pizza restaurant owner/delivery man usually doesn’t play linebacker in the NFL for seven years like Napoleon Harris did.  That definitely evened the odds out quickly and they did not get to kick the crap out of the delivery driver…or worse.

 Four thugs in Illinois had no idea who they were messing with when they decided to attack the Beggars Pizza delivery guy.

But luck was not on their side that day.

It turned out that all the regular drivers had already gone home, so the shop owner decided to deliver the pizzas himself, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Walking towards the door, three of the men jumped out to attack the man only to receive the shock of their lives.

Instead of some small, teenage delivery boy, they met 6-foot-3, 250-pound former NFL linebacker — now state senator and business owner — Napoleon Harris.

They were no match for the man. Although they weren’t able to hurt Harris, they did manage to run off with his wallet, but not for long.

While driving after them, Harris called the police and chased the assailants into a lumberyard where they were forced to flee on foot.

By that point, however, cops were already well on their way.

With Harris’ help, police managed to catch up with three of the suspects and arrest them. They are currently searching for the fourth suspect, who is believed to be hiding in Indiana.

“We haven’t filed charges yet, but we’re going to,” police spokesman Sean Howard said.

But that’s not the end of the story.  It gets worse for the would be robbers.  Much worse.  After Harris kicked their collective asses, they had to abandon the Chevy Tahoe they were driving.  During a search, they found blood and when they traced the car, they found out it belonged to a man by the name of Lester “Roy” Jones, whom authorities found dead in Georgia.


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