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Friend learns shocking message at Valedictorian speech

This Valedictorian speech is a sure tear-jerker. It’s a great story about how kindness and friendship can help an extremely sad person and their will to survive and succeed.


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He Waited Until His Valedictorian Speech To Reveal Secret No One Knew, Left Everyone Crying

Never underestimate the influence that you have over someone else. In only a matter of seconds, you have the potential to lift someone’s spirits and change the direction of their day, or in some cases…their life.

In a heartfelt graduation speech, one high school student learned that he was responsible for changing the path of someone’s life so many years ago. When this particular popular freshman was walking home from school one day, he witnessed a somewhat nerdy-looking kid about the same age as him, getting bullied. The boy had been walking with a ton of books in his arms and a group of bullies approached him, knocking him over along with his stack of books. The popular freshman walked up to the boy and helped him gather his belongings, ensuring him that the boys that were bullying him were losers.

The boy with the books introduced himself as, “Kyle,” and the two instantly hit it off, even though they seemed to come from opposite sides of the popularity scale. Kyle had come from a private school, which is why the boy hadn’t met him before…but it turned out that they had a ton in common. The two ended up hanging out together all weekend and they built a connection that took them through their high school years, making them inseparable best friends, where Kyle ended up as the valedictorian and quite the ladies’ man.

At graduation, Kyle prefaced his valedictorian speech with a theme that expressed the importance of friendship. Unbeknownst to his best friend, Kyle had been talking about the friend he had met so many years before. He went on to say that he had cleared that his locker that Friday afternoon, because he had intended on going home to commit suicide. And then, he met his best friend and in just one act of kindness, his friend made him feel special, which ultimately changed his mind about ending his life.

It wasn’t until this speech that Kyle’s best friend learned what his intentions were so many years ago. He couldn’t believe how much he had changed the course of his friends life simply by helping him up off the ground and assuring him that he had a friend.

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This speech is a perfect example about how you should never judge a person based on their appearances. Your best friend could be hidden beneath a very unexpected armor. And smile and offer kindness to everyone you encounter, because it may just change their life. Oftentimes people may look snobby or quiet on the outside, but it could just be that they are intimidated and they need someone to approach them and open up to them. It’s amazing what you will find out about a person when they feel comfortable in your presence.

It turns out that Kyle and his best bud both ended up going off to prestigious colleges in different parts of the country, but that didn’t stop them from maintaining an everlasting bond…one that is based on true friendship and acceptance.

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