• July 15, 2024

[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Father Of Abused Child Beats Babysitter So Severely, She Now Needs Feeding Tube

A house keeper has been caught on camera abusing a baby in the East African country of Uganda after parents left for work.

Thankfully, the toddler survived the horrifying ordeal.

The disturbing video begins with both sitting on a sofa, seemingly fine. But then, the baby does something to annoy the nanny and gets smacked in the face several times. Then, after watching TV for a time, the baby, as babies so often do (especially when fed too much), spits up on the floor. The nanny then snapped, unleashing a shocking and brutal assault on the child.


The nanny throws the child on the floor, and proceeds to beat her with a large flashlight, stomps her, steps on the baby with her full weight (risking spinal injury) and kicks her. She then removes her to another room, where you hear the girl scream. We don’t know if any further abuse was inflicted out of sight.

The incident reportedly occured in the East African country of Uganda after parents left for work.

According to family sources, Kamanzi last week came home and found some bruises on the baby. He did not ask what happened but he hastily went to review the cameras which, he had taken long to monitor. This was last Saturday November 15th 2014.

When he saw is what is seen in the video below. Filled with rage, Kamanzi pounced on Tumuhiirwe and beat her severely.

According to the news outlet African Spotlight, The little girl’s name is Aneela and after her parents saw the video, her father reportedly gave the nanny a very severe beating.




According to the news outlet,

The nanny is now reportedly confined to a wheelchair and feeding through tubes due to the severe beating she received from the baby’s father.

She was reportedly arrested and remanded in Luzira Prison in Kampala waiting for her case to be reviewed.

The State Attorney upped her charge from child battering to attempted murder.

Sources: African SpotlightTop Right News

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