• July 15, 2024

Hack Attack on U.S. Government Contractor Exposes Undercover Agents

Multiple undercover investigators had their personal data exposed to hackers after a cyber attack struck a key contractor of the Department of Homeland Security in early August.

In fact, the data breach in question has affected the data of at least 25,000 workers, a number that could go up even further in the coming days.

Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski
Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski

According to Reuters, when the US Investigative Services (USIS) was hit with a cyber attack in the first week of August, hackers were able to gain access to extremely personal information connected to DHS employees, Immigration and Customs Enforcement workers, and Customs and Border Protection units. The sensitive data included Social Security numbers, criminal history, and the names and addresses of friends and family.

Employees whose data was exposed are already getting letters of notice from the government, but the letters state it is not clear whether the data was actually stolen.

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