• June 17, 2024

Haitian: ‘The Clinton’s have destroyed Haiti for decades’

Haitian: ‘The Clintons have destroyed Haiti for decades’
Haitian: ‘The Clinton’s have destroyed Haiti for decades’

During the DNC Convention, a Haitian protest against Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, in Philadelphia was not covered by the mainstream news but has the Haitian community on edge due to how the Clinton’s have treated and interfered with Haitian elections and internal affairs.

During the time that former President, Bill Clinton was in office, the Clinton’s looked to Haiti and ruined Haiti for their own gains including the use of the Clinton Foundation for financial and political gains.

The topic of Haiti has not been brought up during this election cycle but a news site, KalePwa, which covers Haitian news, entertainment, and politics, interviewed Haitian’s in Philadelphia and what was uncovered was that no Haitian supports Hillary and is hoping that she is not elected.

The KalePwa reporter asked a Haitian man who goes by the name of Joseph, of why the Haitian community is mad at Hillary, he replied and stated, “We have every reason to be mad…the Clinton’s have destroyed Haiti for decades. And you know, they pretend to be our friends when in reality, they are our number one enemies.”

“There are other people who clearly behave like they don’t like us. So it’s easy for us to protect ourselves against them because we know they are our enemies. But the Clinton’s are even more dangerous because they pretend to be our friends when in reality, they destroying Haiti.”

When Hillary began running for president, Emily Dalgo, a news reporter on African is a Nation stated in 2015, “Hillary Clinton might have some explaining to do before she can claim the top spot in the Democratic primary. Any pro-Hillary voters who prioritize moral plans for American foreign policy should probably look into the candidate’s past in Haiti. Hopefully by 2016 this topic will be making headlines.”

“Hillary Clinton’s efforts in Haiti have fueled political corruption, destroyed arable farmland, and have forced hundreds of families to leave their homes and their jobs to make room for a factory that has not given even a fraction of the amount to Haiti as it has taken. If the introduction of accountability is the way to go, then we first need to start talking. So Hillary, what do you have to say about Haiti?”

Later in 2015, a report came out concerning how Clinton emails revealed behind the doors actions of the Haitian private sector and what the US Embassy under Bill Clinton did during the Haiti elections.

In March 2016, the HaitianTimes revealed seven articles in relation to Hillary Clinton’s Haiti record in which the author stated, “Missing from the discussion of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s record has been her work in Haiti, where she blatantly manipulated and threatened Haitian government officials to control electoral outcomes. In that country, too, she and her husband have led the way in promoting a sweatshop-led development model.”

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