• April 19, 2024

Harley Dealership Announces Support For The Nation Of Islam & Then This Happened

That did not go over all too well as one would imagine and this Harley dealership immediately regretted their decision.

Recently, a Harley Davidson dealership in the Washington DC area announced it was sponsoring a Nation of Islam rally led by Louis Farrakhan on October 10th called “Justice Or Else.” The dealership’s website said it was promoting its location as a rallying point for black bikers attending the rally.

Not surprisingly, that didn’t sit too well with other members of the biking community who don’t subscribe to the Nation of Islam’s message.

Not surprisingly, just days after a website called Stop Hate Crimes posted a story about the event, a group known as 2 Million Bikers, which was holding a 9/11 memorial event at the Fort Washington dealership, announced they were moving to a different dealership in Fairfax, VA.

Subsequently to that, the dealership owner announced he had withdrawn his support for the Farrakhan event, saying in this statement:

When we agreed to allow a group of bikers to use our dealership as a meet-up location prior to the Ride for Justice, as we allow numerous groups to do, it was in no way intended to imply Harley-Davidson of Washington DC sponsored or supports the cause that they represent.

Harley Davidson of Washington DC opposes all forms of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, and we do not discriminate against individuals because of their political views, in theory and in practice, and will continue to do so. We have withdrawn our consent for the bikers to meet here. We are a small business, Harley-Davidson thru and thru. We are in business to sell and service Harleys and to provide a place for our employees to make a living to support their families.

Thomas A. Moorehead, owner Harley-Davidson of Washington DC

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