• April 15, 2024

Have ‘cash on hand,’ warns ‘blood moons’ discoverer

Rare blood-moon events already have happened three times in the last year or so, and on Sept. 28, there will be a fourth – the final appearance in what is an even more rare tetrad sequence.

Because of how close it will be to earth, this final blood moon will appear both larger and brighter than usual, giving it a special significance.

Such a series of events would be noteworthy at any time, but reports of looming economic turmoil and geopolitical instability are leading some observers to speculate this “super blood moon” heralds a dramatic change in world events.

Maybe economic upheaval.

Or worse.

The man who discovered the existence of the blood moons tetrad is warning the astronomical events are no mere coincidence but a heavenly message from God.

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries argues signs in the sky are one way God communicates with human beings. The significance of heavenly bodies, he states, is acknowledged even by those who are not religious.

“The whole world, religious and non-religious, is fascinated about the blood moons,” Biltz told WND. “The reasons are because they’re beyond our control, they’re heavenly objects able to speak to every tribe, nation and tongue, filling us with awe and wonder and then they also have been regarded as omens all throughout world history with ominous events happening surrounding their timing.”

Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” first discovered the existence of the blood moons phenomenon in 2008, later sharing his findings with other Christian leaders, including John Hagee. At that time, Biltz says he predicted economic turmoil would correspond with the final blood moon.

Now, Biltz claims, a financial collapse may be under way.

“So many signs in the market, in the heavens, as well as when they are occurring on the biblical calendar point to the possibility of a coming economic collapse. This collapse could very well culminate around the timing of the super blood moon this coming Sept. 28,” he said.

The brand new “Be Thou Prepared” explains how and why Christians should be prepared. Author Carl Gallups warns the world is not safe, terrorism is rising and natural disasters are increasing.

Specifically, Biltz identifies the ominous move by the People’s Bank of China to depreciate the yuan by almost 2 percent.

The decision led to a dramatic decline in the American stock market earlier this week. The 50-day moving average of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently below its 200-day moving average, leading to a dangerous condition financial experts term a “death cross.”

The Chinese have intervened to support the currency, but the yuan is still down against the dollar, sparking fears of a “currency war” as speculation continues about the true health of the Chinese economy.
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