• May 29, 2023

He Was Begging For Work, What Happened To This Handyman Is Nothing Short Of Amazing….

Many people have been hit with tough times during the pandemic. Some people have been lucky enough to find help or support, while others, like Robert Simpson, have had to take desperate measures to get by.

In today’s world, finding a reliable handyman to fix things around your house can be a real challenge. However, for Robert Simpson, a self-proclaimed handyman from Louisville, Kentucky, his years of experience and willingness to work quickly and efficiently made him the perfect choice for at least one homeowner.

Robert Simpson found himself struggling to make ends meet when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the American South and Midwest. After losing his job, he turned to begging for change and advertising his handyman services on the streets. His sign read,Handyman. 25 years exp. Need work.” He included his phone number for interested parties to contact him for any job around the house. Unlike most people with signs asking for handouts, Simpson simply wanted to spread the word that he was looking for work.

For Simpson, the chance to work again meant much more than just earning money. It meant that he could provide for his family and get them out of the difficult situation they were in. Simpson’s story is a reminder of the hardships many individuals and families face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet but despite the challenges he faced, Simpson kept a positive attitude and remained hopeful that someone would take notice of his sign and give him a chance to work.  

“We have to pay rent every day, and it costs $55 to $60 to stay there, and I’m running short on money. Didn’t have work,” Simpson said.

After waiting for a week, Simpson finally received a break when a Good Samaritan took a picture of him holding his sign and shared it on Instagram.

The post read, “This man was out on Hurstbourne (Louisville, Ky) today. He isn’t asking for money. He just wants to work. If you know any businesses that may be in need of a handyman, please pass his number on.”

His story is also a reminder of the importance of community and the impact that a simple act of kindness can have on someone’s life. As Kyle Kark, the owner of Greenstar Home Remodeling decided to hire Simpson for some work.

Kark’s decision to hire Simpson not only provided him with work but also gave him a sense of hope and dignity. Simpson’s story eventually went viral, and WDRB approached him for an interview. As Simpson continues to work as a handyman, he hopes that his story will inspire others who may be in a similar situation to never give up hope. “It feels excellent. It’s a blessing.”

In a world where the future remains uncertain, Simpson’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit. Despite the challenges he faced, he refused to give up, and his persistence paid off. His story is an inspiration to us all and a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

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