• September 23, 2022

He Was Thrown Out of University For Rape Despite the Fact There Was No Victim (NOT SATIRE)


Grant Neal, a former athlete/scholar at  Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSUP), is suing everyone in sight, including the Obama administration for illegal policies so absurd that he was expelled for rape even though there was no rape victim.  Neal had become friendly with one of the assistant trainers for the school.  After a while it became a sexual relationship.  Since athlete/trainer relationships are discourage, they decided to keep quiet about it.

Then one day, another assistant trainer noticed a hickey on her neck and the assistant confessed to being in a relationship with Neal.  That assistant went to higher ups and reported it as rape.  They started an investigation even though the unnamed assistant trainer insisted all sex was consensual, and they eventually referred it to the university Title IX office.  The “victim” known only as Jane Doe informed Neal of the charges in the following message:

“One of the other Athletic Training students screwed me over!…She went behind my back and told my AT adviser stuff that wasn’t true!!! I’m trying so hard to fix it all.”

This “Jane Doe” “victim” kept insisting there was no rape.  Nonetheless, the university sent it to their Title IX office, who also decided to investigate despite the fact there was no victim.  Shortly thereafter in accordance with rules set out by the Obama administration, Neal’s scholarship was revoked and he was suspended from college for two years.  Naturally, having a rape on your record makes it difficult to get into another college.

Neal and his lawyers are suing everyone they could think of and I hope he collects big time.

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