• July 24, 2024

Here’s How a Seasoned Political Observer Says Republicans Should Respond When They’re Called Racists

The best response might be no response at all.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Hannity” Friday night, Charles Krauthammer discussed the upcoming midterm elections and said Democrats have been airing nasty campaign ads because they’re desperate.

“The desperation and the ad hominems come into play when you don’t have any arguments,” Krauthammer told host Sean Hannity, going on to say:

The 2010 election, the shellacking the Democrats took was about ideology. It was about liberal overreach–the stimulus, Obamacare, over-taxation, over-regulation, and we know what the result was. That set off this counterreaction called the Tea Party. And what we’re seeing now six years later is an election that’s not only about ideology. It is a rejection of hyper-liberalism, but there’s now an overlay of sheer incompetence.

Krauthammer’s predictions came as Americans have been signaling that they don’t trust huge portions of the government, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the Secret Service.

“It’s not just that [Democrats] are the party in government, they are the party of government,” Krauthammer said. “[Yet] they can’t run the d**n thing! And that’s why there’s this huge resentment against the Democratic Party and that’s why they’ve got to start calling people names.”

One of those names: racist.

Krauthammer offered his advice for Republicans who get hit with the rhetorical charge of racism:

I think that when you’re accused of being a racist, you don’t even dignify the accusation with a response because then you’re conceding the premise. I have to prove I’m not a racist. I oppose the president because of his policies, I have since the beginning of his administration. If someone wants to imply it’s on account of his race, I will not give them the dignity of a response. That’s not America.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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