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Here’s How This Hospitalized Grandmother’s Sign Crushed an Iron Worker

Sometimes random acts of kindness come from the most unexpected of places. Sure, we’ve covered stories of people giving generously at restaurants and even school playgrounds, but this is the first time that we are featuring one that takes place in a hospital—or OUTSIDE a hospital, to be more precise!


The story begins with two people who couldn’t be more different in life.   Gloria Porter, a sweet, ailing grandmother was in the hospital for pneumonia.  She passed the time by looking out the window to watch the construction workers laboring away directly outside of her room.

“We had been looking out the window watching them, because that was, like, entertainment,” Gloria recalls in her interview to WTAE.  She’s not the first woman in history to catch a glimpse of a cute construction worker.

Gloria had been watching one of the steel workers, Jeff Reick, one morning when she started to worry about his safety.  Jeff’s current position at the time was quite dangerous, as he was scaling a scaffolding in harsh, winter conditions.

As she and the other patients watched in fear, Jeff made quite the suave move: he looked over at the grannies and waved. So, to return the gesture, the grannies waved back. Sweet, right?

With the interaction still fresh in his mind, Jeff took a piece of chalk and scrawled out a note onto one of the I-beams facing her window. The simple message read: GET WELL.

In response to Jeff’s “precious” sentiment, she found a large piece of paper and wrote STAY SAFE in big, block letters. This granny wanted that steel worker to know that he had made her day!

When Jeff first saw the sign, his jaw absolutely dropped. “The sign kind of crushed me,” the construction worker explained. “I just didn’t know how she knew to stay safe, because, it’s like, it’s kind of like iron worker lingo, ‘stay safe’.”

The worker credits “leading by example” as the defining reason as to why this odd pair was able to make contact in the first place, and we agree. Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and start a conversation with a stranger!

It’s nice to hear about stories like this.  News outlets usually focus on bad news, bad people, and bad events, so when you hear the details about how an old grandma made a friend of a young iron worker, it warms your heart to know that kindness is still a part of us, even in 2017.

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