• September 24, 2022

Hillary Ranks as the Fifth Worst Person in the United States


GQ has composed a list of the worst people in the United States.  Hillary Clinton ranks fifth.  What makes that stand out even more is that GQ went after mostly republicans and the three next on the list are all sexual deviants that GQ decided were better people than Hillary.  They are Terrence Howard, Bill Cosby and Jared Fogle.  For the complete list, go here.

Here is the evaluation GQ declared about Hillary:

Remember Cool Hillary Clinton, back when she was checking her phone with her sunglasses on like a BAWSE and getting drunk with foreign dignitaries on Instagram and shit? Yeah, that Hillary Clinton is gone, kids. Hopelessly corrupt pander-bot 2008 Hillary is back! And remarkably, she seems to believe—yet again—that her lengthy history of cynical, bought-and-paid-for leadership somehow entitles her to the presidency, as if her entire campaign strategy is “I didn’t betray my principles and sell out every last one of my constituents NOT to be president, you guys!” I hope she keeps that Gmail account open. She’s gonna need it after blowing this election.

From The Daily Caller:

While the magazine deemed Clinton not as bad as Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to sign marriage certificates for gay couples, director Cameron Crowe, British Prime Minister David Cameron and suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter, she was rated worse than a trio of sexual deviants.

Six, seven, and eight on the list, respectively, are actor-and-accused-domestic-abuser Terrance Howard, legendary TV-dad-and-accused-rapist Bill Cosby, and Jared Fogle, the Subway pitchman who was jailed for child molestation this year.

Other American politicians who made the list include Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (#10), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (#13), and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (#26).

Neither Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump made the list at all.



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