• July 19, 2024

Hillary Surrogate Gov Malloy (Ct) Under FBI Investigation for Corruption


Gov Daniel Malloy of Connecticut is under investigation by the FBI for misappropriation of $278,000 from the  Connecticut Democratic Party illegally.  The money is earmarked for federal campaigns and cannot be used for state races.  It is alleged that Malloy used the money on a mailing campaign singing his praises.  That money could have saved Malloy’s job since he only won by 21,000 votes.  The State Democratic party is spinning like crazy and using the excuse that the Malloy mailers were federal since in nature they included polling hours and a number for people who need a ride to the polls.

Malloy has been acting as a surrogate for Clinton as well as other governors across the country, but now it’s coming out that he is being investigated on a couple of different fronts.  The democratic party was forced to repay $325,000 to settle the misappropriated funds but the damage to the Foley campaign can never be restored.  The democrasts knew that when they stole the money.

From The Free Beacon:

Malloy in 2014 signed an affidavit that barred him from pulling money for his campaign from the $6.5 million in public funds he received from the Citizens Election Fund.

The Connecticut U.S. Attorney’s Office has since assembled a grand jury to investigate whether Malloy violated the affidavit. The governor said Tuesday that he would not comment on an ongoing probe.

“I’m not going to be pulled into an ongoing regular discussion on this stuff,” Malloy told reporters. “I think people have a right to take a look. They’re taking a look. We’ll see where it goes. It’s the party, and we’ll see where it ends.”

The Republican Governors Association charged last month that Malloy, who had just delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention, “conveniently failed to mention that he is facing numerous scandals in Connecticut, where his governorship has been a disaster.”

Malloy told Fox News in late July that the investigation was “an election examination of fundraising and expenditures” and that he is “quite confident that it will be resolved,” according to the Associated Press.

The mailers first came under investigation in 2014 when Connecticut Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano worked with the State Republican Party to challenge their use to the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The Democratic Party paid the state $325,000 to settle the issue.

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