• October 28, 2021

Hollywood Star Targeted As RACIST After He Tweeted This About Cam Newton

It doesn’t take much to target someone as a racist these days, and I wonder if it’s just that he’s a declared conservative or if liberal vitriol can’t rise above it’s own hypocrisy, but this was just uncalled for.

Rob Lowe became a trending topic and the subject of vile and racist smears on Twitter overnight after the actor made one tweet critical of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s petulant post game performance at a press conference.

It’s the latest example of how the media’s Thought Police hypocritically punish errant liberals when they stray from the leftist narrative.

After QB Newton had a dismal performance during the Panthers loss to the Denver Broncos, he had an even more embarrassing presser, where he gave mostly one-word answers and empty stares before walking out of the press event.

Lowe, a proud Denver Broncos fan who attended the game with his family, got in trouble for one tweet about Cam Newton, saying sarcastically that the quarterback and set an “example for kids.”

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Seven years into the Obama Administration, however, everything is about race. Because Cam Newton is black and Rob Lowe is white, Lowe was almost immediately called a racist and falsely called a “child rapist.”

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The more serious – and incorrect – charge of statutory rape relates to an incident back in the 1980s when Rob Lowe was part of Hollywood’s Brat Pack. 24-year-old Lowe was a trendy Democrat; and before the Democratic national convention in Atlanta, Lowe had a threesome with two girls he had met while out clubbing. Lowe videotaped the encounter and was charged when one of the girls turned out to be 16-years-old. At the time, however, 16 was the legal age of consent in Georgia. While the sex was legal, videotaping it was not, and Lowe faced 20 hours of community service.

Then something happened: Rob Lowe grew up.

Lower famously embraced sobriety and became a family man. His fate was sealed, however, when he did the one thing Hollywood does not allow: he began to question the politically correct liberal Hollywood culture.

That was Rob Lowe’s unpardonable sin to the people putting the hit out on him now. The trending Twitter attacks are more about his current politics than anything he did nearly 30 years ago when he was a Democrat.

As an example, take the Daily Beast article that conveniently goes after Lowe for the Newton tweet but memory-holed two facts about Rob Lowe: his starring role in the loved-by-liberals NBC-TV series The West Wing that came after the scandal, but more importantly, the Beast pretends that Lowe’s current political apostasy isn’t a factor in the assault on Lowe’s character. The tell comes in The Daily Beast’s description of the Duck Dynasty crew as “hate mongers.”

Now Lowe, who also apparently enjoys hobnobbing at New Orleans Saints games with the hatemonger-stars of Duck Dynasty, was immediately taken to task by many on Twitter for insinuating that Newton was a bad example to kids

Rob Lowe’s twitter timeline is filled with examples of his commonsense views that rub against the progressive orthodoxy of the mainstream media and Hollywood.

For example, Low recently criticized Democrat presidential hopeful

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and quoted The West Wing to him.
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