• July 13, 2024

House Republicans Announce Plans to F**k the Voters …Again


We are used to this but it’s about time we fight back.  We voted for Trump because we wanted him to do the things he promised but Paul Ryan has decided the president should answer to him.  He has already told the press we wouldn’t be building the border wall as described by Donald Trump.  Ryan is a notorious open borders man and everyone knows it.   Texas Rep. Bill Flores, a close ally of Paul Ryan’s described his and Ryan’s vision of the coming year:

“We all agree that some of President Trump’s proposed policies are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies,”

“Let’s do the things where we agree — let’s do tax reform, lets do Obamacare, lets replace Obamacare, let’s start dealing with border security, let’s rebuild our national security and then, on those areas where his agenda is not exactly aligned with ours … then, we’ll figure out the rest in the next six months.”

Now, the things Flores says he wants to do first are things most of us agree with, but why is this their priority and not border control?  Simple.  Once President Trump signs those bills, he no longer has any leverage and the battle against illegal aliens is over.

Well, not quite.  You see Donald Trump can do almost anything except build the wall and hire more border agents.  As Commander and Chief, he can order the military to guard the border, although he may have to describe it as “training” exercises that happen to be taking place along the Mexican border.

From Breitbart:

Flores’ effort to head off regulatory changes is important, because President Trump will have the ability to implement most of his immigration policy without any aid from Congress. For example, he can reduce companies’ use of the salary-shrinking guest worker programs, he can end President Barack Obama’s catch-and-release policy for Central American migrants, and he can restart criminal investigations of employers who hire illegals instead of Americans.

Those legal immigration issues are very different from “border security,” which is focused on construction of a border barrier and the hiring of border guards to oversee the barrier. 

The GOP’s business donors strongly oppose Trump’s popular immigration plans, partly because they would reduce the massive legal and illegal immigration that transfers roughly $500 billion a year from pay packets to corporate profits and to Wall Street

We cannot allow the RINOs to shove it up our wazoo like they have done after every other election.  Paul Ryan must go.


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